Set Apart Creative Artists /Be NOT Lured Away (Part 1)


not lured away

How can we, as servants of the Lord, in the ministry of the creative arts be kept from being lured away by the trinkets of this world and the devil?

The answer to this question, can be found all throughout the Father’s word but here, I was led to highlight just one scripture and in later posts, I’ll reference others. But let’s take a look at Psalm chapter 16 verses 5 and 6 which reads: O Lord, You are my portion of my inheritance and my cup; You maintain my lot. The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good inheritance.

I referenced this verse because see, it’s not until we allow ourselves to be delivered by the Father, to the point where, were able to truly see the Father, as being THE portion of our inheritance, our cup, maintaining our lot, and how ALREADY the lines have fallen unto us in pleasant places; and we DO have a good and phenomenal inheritance, that we then, can be kept from the enemy’s tactics.

For when we believe Psalm 16:5-6 whole heartily, despite what we see or in comparison to, without basing this on any materialistic things, it’ll be then, that we can even have Psalm 16:5-6 as a resolve in our spirit and be kept from being lured away. In fact, whether we’ve come to believe this or not yet, still, in decreeing this quite often to ourselves, the atmosphere, and enemy, there is power in His word to do for us, what we in and of ourselves can’t.

So, by us crying these verses out unto the Father in prayer, over and over again, while on our journey, it’ll help us to keep things in the right perspective, when the trinkets, persuasion, and deception comes our way, to try to tempt us to compromise.

Yes, when we come to receive this revelation about this being truth, in our lives, in essence, what we’re telling the Father, is that He is our all in all. And everything that we receive hallelujah, comes from Him and Him alone, giving it and maintaining it, and how the places in what he has already given, has been pleasant.

However, on the contrary, if we don’t receive this revelation, then what happens is, we will be always be looking for outside stimuli from things and people etc. to make us feel, as if we’ve arrived. Yet, in this position, we’ll do whatever it is we need to do, to keep their praise and trinkets coming, but in this place, we’ll be wide open for the enemy to work His magic on us.

Therefore, to be kept, let’s DO meditate on this word and ask, the Father to help us receive this as truth within our spirit.

Inspiration: This particular piece was inspired as I myself while in my prayer closet, meditated on Psalm 16:5-6 and in doing so, I found myself as well, crying this out to the Father. Decreeing and declaring His word back to Him and letting my soul know, once again, that the Father, is my portion. When I did this, I could literally feel things in the atmosphere shift. Being that we live in a world, where there’s so much value placed on trinkets and things, we all do need to constantly be protected from, shielded from, cleansed and detoxed from etc. in order to have the Father’s correct perspective.

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2 Responses to Set Apart Creative Artists /Be NOT Lured Away (Part 1)

  1. author says:

    Awesome post! It is sooo easy to get caught up on trying to achieve and obtain and get those materials things and loose sight on the truth that we as children of God already HAVE everything we need in Christ! Wow, very refreshing and a great reminder to me!

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