Refuse to eat the Kings Delicacies




Beloved, let’s NOT or should I say

No longer eat the delicacies that are widely spread all over the table for us to eat

And indulge ourselves in, Let’s Not be drunk to the fullest with…

Let’s NOT touch Though it has a way of looking so appeasing And is presented in a way, of there being no limits Though our flesh may at times yearn for it due to us being in the flesh And positioned where we have to see others engulfed in it

Still, I prophetically implore you, not to touch it. Not to give in to what your eyes see,

Being that which looks so pleasurable

Yes, don’t do it!

But instead, let’s be like Daniel and his friends which chose not to touch, Not to defile themselves, but to instead turn away from.

Even though they were given by the king himself, all access Yet, they chose to take that which was less That in which others saw no value in Choosing to deny themselves with water and vegetables, choosing to put their trust and dependence not in man or in what man said gives strength and beauty.

But to instead, put their trust solely, in the Lord and receive their manna from His hand, receive their supernatural impartation from the Father to stand and even cause them, because of their devotion to out shine all others.

Therefore, I encourage you to turn away from the king’s table To politely not accept it Such that you may NOT eat from the tree that will cause death Like Adam and Eve Because make no mistake about it There is a plan from satan himself to trick, deceive, and ultimately steal, kill, and destroy

And so, like never before I implore, you to be temperate Be self-controlled Do take the pain of your flesh not getting what it wants Because if not, it will cost you a high price of eternal regret.

Sepia Gladden

All Rights Reserved

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