It Does Not Take Many But Does Take Just ONE

It only takes 1

In being a Set Apart Creative Artists for the Lord, one of the things we must continue to lay hold of and keep in the forefront of our minds is the profound truth of how, it does not take many however, it does take one.

In essence, what this truth reveals is that, though we live in a world system that tries to make us think that in order for us to be successful, we must be at many events, meet many people, be involved with many clicks, sell as many items or products as we can, use our talents and gifts in front of big huge crowds, be here, be there, do this, etcetera yet, truth is, this is not so, in God’s kingdom. In fact, it is in direct opposite to His way of doing things.

Because in operating in that way, what we’re doing is operating out of mostly sight and what we think we ourselves or others can do for us, opposed to trusting in God, walking in faith, and receiving what only He can do.

You see, when we sight walk instead of faith walk, this is an extreme danger. For God’s Word tells us that the just shall live by faith.

Therefore, as a way to help keep all of us correctly aligned with the Lord concerning this, and as a way to prevent us from exerting and wasting MUCH time, energy, and effort and ultimately displeasing the Lord, we must again and again keep this truth of how… it does not take many, but it does take just one etched in our mind and spirit.

This way we’ll begin to truly, only go where he’d have for us to go and do and say, what only he’d have us to do and say, with His pure motives. For then and only then, will we be kept by Him, in His rest, in His complete purpose, while being granted the access to receive the blessings, abundance, and prosperity that can only come securely from God.

Proverbs 10:22 tells us: The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it.

Scribed by sepia gladden

All Rights Reserved

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