Ministers Unto the Lord


May 5th 2013 010 ministers unto lord

Like never before, the Lord is searching to and fro, throughout the whole earth looking for Ministers unto Him.

Minister’s whose main priority is to minister unto Him, opposed to the focus being on ministering to His people. You see, folks have been majoring on ministering unto the Lords people, and because they’ve been doing that, many have been misled to think they’re actually ministering unto Him, in the precise way He so desires.

What I mean by this is… what people need and what God wants from us, in most cases are truly, two different things. And unfortunately, due to us having seen so much flesh displayed within the body, with no signs, miracles, or wonders this so called way of ministry, has almost just become known, as the norm.

However, the Lord is looking for those who’ve received revelation from Him, on how He likes to be ministered unto.

And in order to minister unto Him, in a way, which truly pleases Him, know that, it will take Him, to reveal it unto those of us who have more of a desire to please Him than man.

In other words, to know how to minister unto the Lord in a pure authentic way is NOT a flesh produced thing, but can come only by way of His Spirit revealing it unto His Spirit within us.

In fact, to show how what the Lord wants from us and what people need or want from us is different I’ll refer you to the books of Exodus and Leviticus. Because here in these books you can actually see how, the priests were required by the Lord to minister unto Him on a constant basis, and how the Lord gave specific clear instructions as to how He wanted this ministry to take place. Much of which, were private things that had nothing to do with others.

Which brings me to say, there’s a lot of things that the Father wants both you and I to do as a way to bring Him pleasure, to delight ourselves in Him, that do not have anything to do with others.

Though, this truth is backwards to what many of us have been taught. Truth is, when were ministering unto the Lord, in the way he’d have for us to, it’s then we’ll be assured to know that His people, as a result to our pure devotion unto the Lord, WILL be ministered to as well.

Yes, when the Lord becomes our first priority of ministry, then when we do minister to people it’ll be then, that we WILL operate in signs, miracles, and wonders. Hitting the target opposed to just shooting amiss with hype.

A biblical example of one we can refer to who had the revelation of being a minister of the Lord, was David. For David knew that the Lord wanted and enjoyed ALL of his attention, affection, devotion, and worship privately. And since, pleasing the Lord was David’s priority, as a result of his private ministry unto the Lord not only was David blessed tremendously, but it also directly blessed an innumerable amount of people. Not to mention, God himself. For David despite his flaws was called by God as being a man after His own heart.

Thus, I caution you against the whole, I gotta serve here, gotta go there, gotta do this and that for the people or for Bishop, Pastor, Elder, Prophetess, etc…all in the name of serving and instead, I exhort you to make certain you make the Lord your first priority of ministry and let the Lord do the rest through you.

Let’s do desire and make it our aim to be known by the Lord as His minister vs. only being the people’s ministers. Let’s let our private life with God begin to speak louder than all else. Amen

Scribed by sepia gladden

All Rights Reserved


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