Humility and the Vital need for it!

Humility was placed strongly in my spirit as a concept and principle in which I needed to expound upon because it is truly a prerequisite for using our gifts and talents in a “set apart way”.  I also was led to go into greater depth about being humble because pride is very blatant among some who call themselves Christian artists.  I believe this exists because there is such a lack of true understanding about the severity and detestation of pride in God’s eyes.

Unfortunately, possession of a proud spirit has almost become normal among Christians.  Quite a few artists give very little thought to being prideful in their dealings with others and in the way they view themselves and gifts.  Many do not know that God absolutely hates pride.  Why?  One of the main reasons is because it’s the exact opposite of what He loves, humility.

However, humility is totally contrary to the world’s way of doing and thinking about things.  In this world, it is all about you and nobody else; it is all about what you can do, how well you can do it, how beautiful or handsome you look, what you have, and how skilled you are at this and that and on and on.  This being the case, when you use your talents specifically for the world you do so, in a way to intentionally lift yourself up and not the name of the Lord.  This world’s system is a self-centered and self-indulging system.

On the other hand, in God’s Kingdom because He paid such a dear price for us . . .  not with money but with the very blood of Jesus, His Son (1 Peter 1:18-19), our talents are no longer intended to be used for serving ourselves, and/or satan.  They’re meant to be used to serve God and bring Him glory and to collectively bless both His Body (the Body of Christ) and non-believers.  James 4:10 tells us when we humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, HE will lift us up.

One thing I personally do to humble myself is this, whenever I’m invited to go and use my talents somewhere, I go with the attitude that I am there to serve opposed to be served. And so, I on purpose, look for ways I can assist in anyway once I arrive (and I arrive early by the way, for this purpose). Now in my assisting, this can be with anything from the setting up of the event or the cleaning up after and or other things.

What about you, what are some things you do as a Christian Artist to intentionally humble yourself in the sight of the Lord as well as, in the sight of others?

This is a brief excerpt from the chapter “Humble Yourself” in book I wrote entitled, “The Set Apart Way for Christ Centered Creative Artists” How to use your gifts and talents in a way where God gets all the Glory. This book is available for purchase from my site Please do, get your copy today and continue to receive support, encouragement, and wisdom from the Lord, while using your gifts and talents for His glory.


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